Vacation Camps

Open to  ALL Children, Grades K – 6

9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Vacation Camp Fees

$100 when you register for both November days. (SAVE $20)
Each day includes pool time, gym time and a special activity.

$6.00 additional

$8.00 additional

Game Truck

November 8

Brightly-colored high-definition TV’s reveal awesome adventures, co-operative challenges, and epic competitions. The music pulsing throughout the truck gets your heart racing. The long alluring couch beckons you and your friends to come to relax and start gaming. Then as soon as you pick up that game controller, you will know that the party has truly begun. The most excitement you will ever have!

Bubble Soccer

November 9

High quality inflated balls add a new dynamic to soccer and allow you to bounce and fall without any risk. Trained Game Coaches emphasize safety and fun during play. They keep the game rolling and help players up when they bounce around. With a high-energy play, experience soccer like never before!

“Lights, Camera, Action” – Making Mini-Movies

December 24

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Play-Doh Sculpting

December 26

Get your hands dirty by creating your own Play-Doh sculpture to take home. You will be able to paint and decorate when your sculpture is finished.

Wild Man’s Animal Show

December 27

Brian has been around reptiles his entire life. His fascination for reptiles started as a toddler. His father would take him on excavations to find snakes along the river banks and through the forests. Brian’s fearless attempts to catch the biggest and best has landed him in the life that he enjoys today. Get ready for an adventure that you won’t forget!

Indoor Archery Fun

December 28

Try to hit a bullseye or even pop a balloon. Have fun shooting different archery targets and playing games!