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Parent Testimonials


Just felt the need to say out loud how much I adore being in that classroom.  Watching Miss Jackye's command of that many kids...keeping them so engaged, so well-behaved, so motivated, so excited... and watching the learning that goes on...!  I know nothing of the behind-the-scenes speaking purely as a mom with expectations of warmth, positive-behavior grooming, and making learning captivating, fun and rewarding...I am SO happy with that classroom.  I love that Miss Jackye still keeps imagination alive in a time when everyone expects the digital world to be the only answer as to how to make things feel "real" or able to "come to life"... And the way they teach the kids how to interact with each other... how to be kind, how to be respectful, how to communicate with each other...

I could ramble on and on... but I'm just super happy with the program there and thought I should share the sentiment.

– Jamie

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to make sure that I thanked you for all that you do! Blake loves coming to school each day and he's really grown tremendously since September. He is so happy and comes home and shares so many of the things you do! It truly is such a special class and I am so grateful. 

Thanks again, and I hope you realize how appreciated you are everyday! I can't believe the year will be wrapping up soon! 

– Alison Mader 

The JCC has been part of our family life for the past 6 years. Our children have many happy memories of summers in Camp Ruach and both have gone through the entire Blaustein Early Childhood Center program.

We couldn't be happier with the quality of care and education that they have received. We believe our children have made lifelong friends. The staff in the Blaustein Early Childhood Center is very attentive and caring about parents’ concerns. Our kids enjoy the range of extra curriculum activities, from yoga to swimming. We intend to keep our membership in JCC even after our children graduate from the program and hope to have many more wonderful memories.

– Asya Dvorkin

Just over three years ago, we began our pre-school search as we were getting ready to have our second child. We researched countless pre-schools and daycare programs in several local towns and we immediately decided on the JCC when we visited for the first time. When you know, you know! Our children are safe, nurtured, respected and well cared for. They are truly part of a family that cares about them and really knows them. The correspondence is fantastic, parent involvement is high and the activities that they participate in; yoga, swimming, art, music, gardening and baking are not found at other schools as part of their regular curriculum. We are beyond happy with the early childhood program the JCC offers.

– Kimberly & Craig Charne

The JCC ECC has been one of the best decisions we have made for our son, Logan. Academically, he is exposed to new material on a daily basis while previously introduced topics are continually reinforced. He has opportunities to interact socially while engaging in a variety of activities, and looks forward to seeing his friends every day. The staff and administration is responsive, caring, and consistent in their approach. And, most importantly, Logan feels safe, encouraged and loved.

– Rachel & Evan Seavey

The JCC is hands down the best preschool in the area, and we are proud to see our three boys thrive there year after year. As full time working parents, we take comfort in knowing that our boys are safe, secure and happy, as well as in an environment that promotes intellectual and social growth. It is evident each morning that they are excited to go to school, and when we pick them up each evening, it is clear that they had a great, eventful day. We always look forward to the new art project, hearing the songs from Shabbat or seeing the latest yoga moves – where else would your toddler come home and perform a “downward dog”?!

– Susan Halpern Chirch