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Preschool at the Blaustein Early Childhood Center

preschool-kidsWelcome to the JCC

When you enroll in the JCC and the Preschool at the Blaustein Early Childhood Center you become part of our welcoming and caring community. we are proud of our commitment to provide outstanding academic and developmentally appropriate programs for our children. We are licensed by the State of NJ and have a high staff-to-child ratio in each classroom. Our bright, modern facility is located within the JCC in a separate and secure early childhood wing. Parents are issued a coded pass to allow easy and secure access to the early childhood entrance. Parents are always welcome to visit with their special talents or join our celebrations.

We offer:

  • Full & half day programs for infants through Full day Kindergarten
  • Extended day program 7:30am-6:00pm year round
  • Separate Infant and Toddler Rooms
  • Small class and high staff-to-child ratio
  • Award-winning Camp program
  • Swim Instruction, Music and Physical education classes included
  • After School Enrichment classes (Soccer, Legos, Karate, Dance, Swim, Musical Theater)
  • Secure website offering communication, pictures and daily activities
  • Family activities throughout the year


Our Philosophy

Our thoughtfully prepared learning environments reflect the children’s interests and challenge their mastery of emergent skills. Our rooms are set up in learning centers that allow self directed, small group play. additionally, teachers plan guided learning experiences that develop skill building and comprehension. A love of learning flourishes in an inviting setting that is safe, nurturing and stimulating. we have developed reassuring routines that promote the development of social, emotional and physical skills.Early Childhood Center Loge


Our state certified and licensed teachers plan and develop a language rich environment that promotes each child’s intellectual, social, physical and emotional growth. daily schedules include active and quiet active and quiet times, gross and fine motor activities that are both staff and child initiated. Our children play in our beautiful, fenced outdoor playground, as weather permits. Through project learning, children explore their interests such as dinosaurs, outer space or ocean science. Children are surrounded by books, literacy and exposure to the alphabet to prepare them for reading proficiency. Manipulatives and games reinforce number ability and concepts. Fine motor skills are built through hands on activities and writing. Our school celebrates all of the Jewish holidays and traditions throughout the year and teaches about Israel. Centers include: library/literacy, computers, block Play/construction, dramatic Play, math/manipulative, science/sensory, special interests.

Jewish Traditions

We strive to create a welcoming environment while integrating the core values of our Jewish traditions. Children are exposed to age appropriate Jewish values through a special program developed by JCC Associations for JCC Early Childhood Centers.  “An Ethical Start” is a child friendly early childhood curriculum that introduces an appropriate exploration of Jewish values.  Peer K Explorer encourages teachers and parents to look at themselves as partners in supporting children’s ethical development. 

Jewish holidays are celebrated with stories, songs, special food and traditions. We gather together as a school on Friday’s to celebrate Shabbat with candles, blessings, challah and song. Parents can sign up to purchase freshly baked challah to take home each Friday.

Our traditions teach that by helping others we are supporting social justice. Tzedakah is an important part of our Shabbat celebration. We will work together with our families and children to find ways of helping those less fortunate.  This year our new “Be a Mensch” program will focus on helping others less fortunate than ourselves. From September through November, we are asking our children to bring in a canned food item that will be donated to a local food closet. Each class will be decorating a class Tzedakah box to collect the coins that children bring in each Friday for Tzedakah.

Our Teachers

Many of our staff has been with our preschool since its inception. As our school has grown, so has our staff of warm and nurturing teachers and specialists. All of our head teachers are state certified, and our assistants and specialists have many years of experience working with children. Our Early Childhood Director, Linda Weiss has brought many innovative and exciting changes to our school. The entire preschool staff is here to make sure your child’s preschool years are memorable!