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Welcome to the JCC

When your child attends the JCC preschool, your whole family becomes part of our JCC community! Parents make new friends when they attend our fitness center, join classes, use our indoor and outdoor swimming pools and participate in family events.  We’re more than a preschool-we’re a community for life.

We offer full time and part time school and camp enrollment for infant through Kindergarten age children. Our programs include recreational/instructional swim, music and gym class year round.  In addition, parents can choose to enroll children in afterschool enrichment classes such as Dance, Dramatics, Soccer and Karate.


Our Philosophy

The Blaustein Early Childhood Center Preschool and Kindergarten programs are based on developmentally appropriate practice that enables each clientuploads/ECC/4swim 029.jpgchild to grow at their own pace. Children are treated as individuals. We work from the educational, social and developmental level they have attained while building a foundation for future learning. We want our children to feel successful without feeling pressured.  We know that children need to experience their own stages of development to progress. Our program offers our children a strong academic foundation, in a safe nurturing environment.

Opportunities are provided for children to explore new materials, ask questions and solve problems. Our teachers value experiential learning that invites children to explore new materials, ask questions and learn to solve problems. Our program emphasizes a love of learning.  Activities are child-centered and emphasize the process not the project. Our classrooms use a centers based approach, integrating curriculum so that learning is connected and meaningful. We offer a print and language rich environment that encourages the development of skills that promote reading and writing. 

We are committed to providing care and education that is nurturing and responsive to each child, respecting individual differences and helping children to live, play and work cooperatively.

Jewish Traditions

We strive to create a welcoming environment while integrating the core values of our Jewish traditions. Children are exposed to age appropriate Jewish values through a special program developed by JCC Associations for JCC Early Childhood Centers.  “An Ethical Start” is a child friendly early childhood curriculum that introduces an appropriate exploration of Jewish values.  Peer K Explorer encourages teachers and parents to look at themselves as partners in supporting children’s ethical development. 

Jewish holidays are celebrated with stories, songs, special food and traditions. We gather together as a school on Friday’s to celebrate Shabbat with candles, blessings, challah and song. Parents can sign up to purchase freshly baked challah to take home each Friday.

Our traditions teach that by helping others we are supporting social justice. Tzedakah is an important part of our Shabbat celebration. We will work together with our families and children to find ways of helping those less fortunate.  This year our new “Be a Mensch” program will focus on helping others less fortunate than ourselves. From September through November, we are asking our children to bring in a canned food item that will be donated to a local food closet. Each class will be decorating a class Tzedakah box to collect the coins that children bring in each Friday for Tzedakah. 

Our Teachers
Many of our staff has been with our preschool since its inception. As our school has grown, so has our staff of warm and nurturing teachers and specialists. All of our head teachers are state certified, and our assistants and specialists have many years of experience working with children. Our Early Childhood Director, Linda Weiss has brought many innovative and exciting changes to our school. The entire preschool staff is here to make sure your child’s preschool years are memorable!