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Testimonials about the JCC



deb-hansch-photoThe JCC fitness culture has been a part of my life for a long time.  That fitness culture includes the many, many excellent instructors, class offerings and support systems extraordinaire. This long term relationship to the JCC has lead me to a super retirement where I can enjoy skiing, hiking and stand up paddling with my husband.  Thanks Joy McIntyre and all of the other instructors that offer world class Les Mills BodyPump classes....and my other favorite class, SPIN!  And a special shout out to the entire cast of "fitness buddies" who attend BodyPump with me and inspire me to work a little harder every class!  The JCC is truly the place to be.

Deb Hansch,  JCC Member 

After over 50 years of living in New York, my husband David and I decided to move to New Jersey to be nearer our children and grandchildren.  We decided to go the JCC to see what it had to offer, since we had heard so many really good things about it.   What a smart decision that was!  Our first encounter was with Sarah, who explained the programs that were offered for seniors and gave us membership information and a tour.  She is wonderful, kind and smart and enthusiastic about JCC.  We joined and found programs that worked for us.  David, who had a stroke, works with the personal trainers, and we also attend many interesting seminars and some shows.

All the staff is amazing.  Jamie at the front desk is extremely helpful in "all JCC matters".  Not only does she treat us royally, I see her give the same treatment to all who need her help when they come in.  She is a perfect meet and greet professional and an asset to the J.  And then there is Lisa, and it was truly love at first meeting! Not only does she do an outstanding job putting together programs, she has the ability to connect with all the people who attend the various programs and everyone loves her.  Lisa is special… she goes out of her way to make you feel comfortable.

Overall - the J is amazing.  Every staff member that walks by greets you with a smile and a hello and a Shalom.  Whatever time you are there the special feeling of what a great place this is shines through!  The children are happy, the fitness center is buzzing, the programs are great.   The JCC has been a tremendous part in making us feel comfortable in our new community. David and I thank everyone involved!

Diane Hasday

To Whom It May Concern,robin-photo

My name is Robin.  I am the grandmother of 4, of which 3 are in my custody. It is beyond sad for the reasons, but they are mine and love them more then life itself. There isn't anything I wouldn't do for them.

Last year we had no idea what we were going to do with the children. Then they were 3, 5, and 7. The state would only pay a portion of the tuition and had no idea where the rest would come from. I received a call and found out that they were granted a scholarship for the balance. Talk about a miracle or so I thought.

This year I received a call from JCC Camp Ruach to find out if my grandchildren would be attending camp again this summer.  I explained that we didn't have the financial means to do so, as the state was no longer involved. The Director of the camp, Paige gave me a number to call to see if there were any scholarships available. I did, and to my surprise, there were. Now that's a miracle!!

Please understand that camp isn't just camp to them. It's an outlet for them to be kids and to be happy because they deserve it.

You maybe asking why am I telling you this story. It is because without donations and contributions, scholarships, like the ones my grandchildren received, will no longer exist.I ask each and every one of you, please contribute any amount you can as you never know who's life you will change.

We were blessed and it has changed our lives forever.

I only wish that I could thank the people in person who made it possible for my grandchildren to once again attend Camp Ruach.

Please perform a Mitzvah.



I wanted to thank you for the wonderful opportunity to be a part of the JCC Camp this summer. Nicolaus had such a wonderful time -- it's all he talked about! The experience is one that he will not forget. You cannot image how much it means to know that there are organizations like yours that provide kids an opportunity to participate in such a well organized camp that is truly about the kids.

Fondly - Kim Karnell

The Senior Program has become a second home to us, a home away from home.  We've become a family and eagerly look forward to our time together.  We've become re-acquainted with old friends, made new friends and enjoy being together each week.

On Tuesdays there's an Intergenerational Program where we, the Grandfriends,  join with the kindergarten children to play games, paint, read, and learn about one another.  

Lisa Kopman, the Director of the Senior Program, provides the  love, warmth and friendship to make all this happen.


eileen-photoI want you to know what the Jewish Community Center means to me. Six years ago, I relocated from Florida to Arbor Glen in Bridgewater to be near my family. It was a difficult decision to leave what was familiar to me and acquaint myself with new surroundings and making new friends. My enjoyment of playing Mah Jongg prompted me to find a group to play with. My daughter suggested I check out the JCC.

So one bright Monday morning in October 2009, I held my breath and entered the JCC. The room was humming with gay chatter, everyone seemed to know one another, and I meekly asked if I can play. Joyfully, a woman welcomed me and I found myself sitting with others. Little did I know, back in 2009, that I would meet extraordinary ladies with whom I would form close and lasting friendships with. Thanks Susan, Nancy, Linda, Pam, Dale and all the ladies enjoying the shout of "MAH JONGG!!" I eagerly look forward to each Monday with joy. My heartfelt thanks to the JCC and to the entire staff who enriches our lives.

- Eileen Cooper

I just wanted send a note to thank you and your fabulous staff for the amazing camp experience that Jessica had over the past two weeks.  Initially, the night before camp started, she was extremely anxious.  She told her dad “I have so much going around in my head”.  It ranged from “what if I don't like taking the bus to what if I don't pass the swim test to be able to swim in the deep end of the pool?”  We reassured her that everything would be okay and we came up with solutions to her questions.  Then, the next morning, she couldn't get on the bus fast enough!!!!  She never looked back and came home every day with a huge smile on her face and great stories to tell us about her adventures at camp (which may I add, she has never been so detailed and animated when telling us something).  Her proudest moment was when she came home to show us her orange bracelet that meant she could swim in the deep end of the pool!!!  When plans changed at camp, she rolled with it, again, something we have been working on, but had not mastered until camp.   This camp experience helped Jessica with her independence and bringing her out of her “world” a little more.  Camp has definitely taken Jessica to the next level in her journey.

Again, we cannot thank you and your staff enough.  We are so looking forward to sending her next year. 

Sherri Strauss, Jessica’s Mother