The Irma Horowitz Film Series

Falafel & Films

Falafel and Short Israeli Films Presented by the Ma’Aleh School of Television and the Arts in Jerusalem

Thursday, March 8 • 6:30pm Postponed until Monday, March 12 at 6:30pm

Fee: $15/person includes falafel dinner

Newspapers & Flowers

Carmel is looking for love, but is tired of being judged by appearance and dress code. By the time she meets Miki, the newspaper boy, she is willing to hide certain details about herself in order to put him to the test. Can Miki pass Carmel’s defenses?

11 Minutes

A military ambulance is called to evacuate a seriously wounded young soldier and bring him to a helicopter pad where he will be taken to the hospital. Aboard the ambulance there is a staff of three young soldiers, one of whom is Karen, a young female paramedic on her first tour of duty. Faced with life and death situations in the ambulance, Karen will either succeed in bringing her emotions and fears under control or fail, and be responsible for the death of a fellow soldier.

The Invitation

Noa survived a terrorist attack in which her boyfriend Udi was killed. Five years later, on her wedding day, Noa discovers Udi among the guests...

This program is supported by the Irma Horowitz Endowment Fund.