Kashruth Policy

The Birnbaum JCC is committed to inclusion of the entire Jewish community.  Our Kashruth Policy is designed to be respectful of the rules of Kashruth within the context and limitations of our local community. Our policy is to adhere to the following guidelines.

  • Food served at all SSBJCC programs and meetings, both on site and off site, shall be either dairy, meat (kosher) or pareve (containing neither meat nor dairy) only.   


  • There shall be no mixing of milk and meat at the same meal (if meat is served, no dairy can be served and vice versa).
  • Pork or shellfish products are prohibited.
  • As a courtesy to the wide variety of Jewish practices, members and non-members can bring food into the JCC for their own consumption, excluding shellfish and pork products and the mixing of meat and dairy.