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Judy Batalion, White Walls  cancelled


A Memoir about Motherhood, Daughterhood and the Mess in Between

  • Tuesday, May 16 • 7:00pm
  • Fee: $5 (includes bagel “and”)

Judy Batalion grew up in a house filled with piles of junk and layers of dust, suffocated by old magazines, swivel chairs, and VHS tapes obsessively gathered by her hoarder mother. At the first chance, she escaped the clutter to create a new identity - made of order, regimen, and clean white walls - until she found herself enmeshed in life’s biggest chaos: motherhood. Confronted with the daunting task of raising a daughter after her own dysfunctional childhood, Judy reflected on her upbringing and the lives of her mother and grandmother, both Holocaust. What she discovered astonished her. Told with heartbreaking honesty and plenty of humor, Judy’s poignant account of stuff and survival explores navigating the messiness of motherhood, how trauma passes through generations, and the indelible marks that others and daughters make on each other’s lives.

Judy Batalion studied at Harvard and worked as a curator and comedian in London before settling in New York. She was a columnist for the New York Times and has appeared in numerous publications and magazines.