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New Fitness Equipment is Coming!!!

Posted by: Joy McIntyre on Friday, April 6, 2018 at 9:00:00 am

The Fitness Center is Expanding!

PowerMill Climberpowermill-climber-photo

JFIT Members, thank you for your patience during our Fitness Renovation. As you can see it is coming along beautifully. Soon you will be enjoying this great new space and a few awesome fitness equipment additions.

What Equipment is Coming?

PowerMill Climber is the next generation of stair steppers. PowerMills provide great aerobic exercise and will enhance your cardiovascular fitness, burn mega calories, and tone the lower body. There will be 25 different speeds and a host of various fitness programs to choose from. Providing a low-impact workout means great news for those suffering from chronic joint pain. That being said, members who have issues with their knees may want to limit their time on a PowerMill, as it is an intense step workout, or try a workout on our new Rogue Rower.

Rogue Rowers

Rogue Rowers are top of the line when it comes to stationary rowers. Believe it or not, the best rowing machine benefit is a great lower body workout. Main leg muscles such as the quads, hams, glutes and calves will get quite the workout, and because these major muscles are at serious work, Rowers also are a great way to enhance oxygen intake for an effective cardio workout. Stellar upper body workouts are also a bonus! Rowers exercise the rhomboids, traps, lats, biceps, triceps, pecs and abs. Simply put, Rowers work total body, inside and out!


UBE Plus (Upper Body Exerciser Ergometer/plus)

UBE Plus is designed to strengthen upper and lower body while enhancing core and lower back stability. With the “plus” version, our members can also get a lower body workout included. UBE’s are used not only in rehabilitation settings, but also at fitness centers due to their great overall benefits in sports performance. Recovering from a shoulder or leg injury? This machine can strength weakened tendons and muscles. Need additional strength and flexibility for a specific sport? UBE plus will help get you to the next fitness level!


BRAVO Functional Training System


BRAVO Functional Training System is a combination of selectorized and cable-based strength training. Workouts will target specific muscle groups, and will also increase core strength and Range of Motion. Varying load and Range allow muscles to respond differently to the applied stimuli, creating change in musculature faster. As its name states, most movements performed on the BRAVO Functional Trainer mimic everyday activities making us stronger both in and outside the gym!


QUEENAX = Endless Circuit Possibilities! A new smaller fitness studio (in addition to our new larger main Studio) is one of the highlights for this renovation project. In this studio, a fitness apparatus called Queenax, will span the studio from one wall to another creating a bridge like structure. While preserving open floor space, Queenax will also serve as an individual or group functional and suspended bodyweight training platform. In addition, our TRX suspension and heavy bag trainings will be relocated to this new studio.


Keiser Spin Bikes

Keiser Spin Bikes: A new large theater style spin studio will also be constructed. Additional Keiser Magnetic Spin bikes will be purchased, creating more spaces available to our members to enjoy our awesome SPIN and SPRINT classes.


Anticipated completion time for our fitness renovation is May. Stay tuned for updates on the JFIT Club Facebook page:


Would love to see a traditional plate loaded leg machine and a lying hamstring curl bench.
Posted by: Pete Abbate on May 18, 2018 at 7:05:05 pm

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