Small Group Training


TRX Suspension Small Group Training trx-training=-photo

Born in the Navy SEALs, Suspension Training bodyweight exercise develops strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. You’re in control of how much you want to challenge yourself on each exercise because you can simply adjust your body position to add or decrease resistance. (Max 4 per training).  Learn more on the TRX website.

Included for all STAR Members.  Monthly pass for Basic Members, $35 unlimited sessions


Fitness Boxing

The JCC is very excited to offer a half-hour hands on boxing class. This small group training gives you the individual attention to obtain great form, achieve great power and speed, while keeping the calorie burn high. Each half hour can accommodate 4-8 participants. Great for families to work out together. Not only is Boxing fun and a great workout…see what a recent article uncovered between boxing and Parkinson’s disease…

Recent Research has uncovered that exercise helps the brain to form, restore, and maintain connections. Staying active is especially important in fighting the progression of Parkinson’s, a degenerative disease that targets brain function. The National Parkinson’s Foundation even outlines exercise as “an essential part of managing the disease.” According to this same study, all of the participants who have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s say the workout helps control debilitating symptoms of the disease, particularly tremors. By Chelsea Rice and Alexa Pozniak Staff, October 13, 2014.  Workouts include heavy bag training, mitt work, and balance, agility and mobility training. Great for all ages, and no workouts are ever the same.

Included for all STAR Members.  Monthly pass for Basic Members, $35 unlimited sessions

JFIT FitGround/INFitfitground-photo

The Fitground offers a total body workout for novice to intermediate users of functional fitness equipment and is specifically engineered for outdoor use. FIT-GROUND offers circuit style training- getting back to body basic exercises which are effective and fun! (Max 16 per class)

Classes at the FitGround may be cancelled due to inclement weather.

Included for all STAR Members. Monthly pass for Basic Members, $35 unlimited sessions

*INFit is the indoor version of the FitGround Workout

Aquatic Coaching 

New to fitness? Nursing an injury? Need the therapeutic qualities of warm water? Then Aquatic Coaching is what you are looking for. Our certified instructors and trainers can demonstrate personalized exercises to help you achieve your fitness goals. Coaching can be done privately (5 sessions for  $250) or Buddy Style – 10 sessions for $300/per person. 

Buddy Personal Training

Train with one, two, or three of your closest friends or family members. This small group training offers a discount in Personal Training fees, while adding the comfort of having someone workout with you. Buddy Training is done in the fitness center, circuit style. Sessions can be done with any trainer.  10 Sessions for $300 per person.

Chair Yoga for Seniors

Small Group/individual training for those active adults who cannot work out on the floor. Join Bonnie once a week for stretching, strengthening, and enhancing core and balance while sitting on a chair.