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Fitness Center and Locker Room Policies


Fitness Center Policy

  1. You MUST present your membership I.D. badge to fitness floor staff for entrance into thefitness center. PLEASE HELP US..HELP YOU BETTER...
  2. The Informed Consent and Liability Waiver Agreement must be read, signed and returned to JCC Fitness Staff prior to using any aspect of the JCC Fitness Center.
  3. Prior to using ANY Fitness equipment, please arrange a free complimentary appointment with a fitness staff member for a FREE orientation. This can be arranged by calling the Fitness Director, Joy, on x 226 or email
  4. Members 13 to 15 years old must be accompanied by a parent in the fitness center at all times and must have a parent sign the Informed Consent and Liability Waiver Agreement for the minor. However, if the 13-15year old would like to workout in our Fitness Center unaccompanied by an adult, they may take a 3-Hour Jr. Weight Training Clinic, which allows them this privilege. Cost for this Clinic is $75 and is performed in three consecutive days by one of the Certified JCC Trainers. Call x 226 to make an appointment if interested. Members 16-18 years are permitted to use the fitness center without adult supervision.
  5. No children under the age of 13 years are permitted in the Fitness Room. NO EXCEPTIONS!!! PLEASE! All personal belonging and gym bags are not allowed in the Fitness Center. Placement of coats and bags on the floor of the fitness center creates a serious tripping hazard forour members. Lockers are provided in the lockers rooms. Small items key lockers are available outside the fitness center for a fee of 25 cents. The JCC is not responsible for the loss or theft of any personal belongings.
  6. Proper exercise or athletic attire is required, i.e. sneakers must be worn to work out in the fitness center. No Sandles, Flip flops, or open toe shoes are permitted when working out. Shirts, tanks, and other sport tops must be worn and may not be removed during exercise.
  7. Teen Members are not allowed to bring a guests to the Fitness Center.
  8. Please return all weights to their proper location after use.
  9. Please wipe off the equipment after use. Disinfectant and paper towels are provided.
  10. During posted peak hours, there is a 30-minute time limit on all cardio equipment. There are signup sheets for all cardio equipment in the fitness center, and members may sign up for one 30-minute period on one piece of Cardio Equipment during the hours of 6am-10am, and 5-7pm. Please be considerate.
  11. The Fitness Staff regulates music selection, volume and television stations. ABSOLUTELY NO NON STAFF MEMBER IS ALLOWED IN THE FITNESS DIRECTOR AND SPORTS DIRECTOR'S OFFICE.
  12. 12. No food, cups, cans or glass bottles will be allowed in the fitness center. Water Bottles only.
  13. The clock in the Fitness Center is the official time.
  14. Cell phones are prohibited in the fitness center. If for emergency reasons you need to keep a cellphone with you, be considerate and place ring tone on vibrate. Take all phone calls to the lobby or hallway.
  16. If you are interested in Personal Training, please speak to Joy McIntyre about fee structure and packages, or visit our fitness webpage.

JCC Locker Room Policy

  • Children up to 3 years of age are allowed in the main locker room with either parent.
  • Children 3-13 years of age are allowed in the main locker rooms under the supervision of the same sex parent.
  • Children ages 3-13 unaccompanied by a parent, and children on teams and under the age of 18, should use the auxiliary locker rooms.
  • The Family Changing Room on the pool deck is available for parents who wish to change with their children.
  • Valuables: The JCC is not responsible for lost or stolen articles in the Locker Rooms, Fitness Center, Gym, Pool, etc.  Use the “Valuable Lockers” right outside the Fitness Center Door to ensure the safety of small personal items. For Larger personal items, please bring a ‘lock’ to secure your belonging in Locker Rooms. Locks must be removed after each use to allow other members to use the lockers, except for Patrons and Benefactors with “ Reserved” Lockers.