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Parent Testamonials

"My daughter, Olivia, began her adventure at the JCC in September, 2008- a month shy of her 2nd birthday.  We were filled with angst at leaving our little girl at such a young age – she was to be part of the inaugural Toddler program that year.  But from the moment we walked her in the door that very first day, until now (she is starting her last year at the JCC before Kindergarten, in the four yr old class) she has been showered with the love and attention that you only find at a  very special place.  The JCC  has enriched her  life in so many ways and has been integral to her development and growth over the past four years.  I can never adequately articulate in words how wonderful the staff is. Every teacher that Olivia has had (and even the teachers she has not had,  but that we have had the good fortune of getting to know) brings her own unique approach and passion  to teaching and nurturing children. And everything that is done- the family Shabbat dinners; the special authors who visit; the field trips; the art show; the holiday celebrations—is carried out with great pride, love and attention to detail.

And the new leadership in Linda Weiss has been wonderful. Linda is there each day to lend a smile or a helping hand.  She has brought computers to the classrooms; lots of  new activities to the after care program; and endless opportunities to touch base and ensure that parents and kids needs are being met. Her door is always open- literally and figuratively.  We are thrilled to have found such a wonderful place for Olivia to begin her journey of learning and exploring the world.  Thank you!!"

– Jamie Bussel

"We know our daughter is being prepared for elementary school and beyond. She loves her teachers and talked about her classmates all summer. She couldn’t wait ‘til school started up again!"

– Gennifer (and Rob) Sklar


Thank you sooooo much for taking great care of Rozie. I know it's your job but I already see that you truly have a great interest and passion for these children that not all teachers share. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to email me her pictures and if you have more pics and some free time please forward any that you can.

I am looking forward to this school year and my husband and I are thrilled that Rozie is enrolled at the JCC and in your class . I am copying my husband on this email as he works a lot and pictures like these make his work day tons better and put a big smile on his face.

Thank you again and feel free to email and/or call me about anything , anytime . Hopefully the snow won't be too bad and my husband will get a chance to see the school and meet you at the Purim Festival this Sunday.

Stay safe driving and please know that teachers are everywhere , but a caring and loving teacher is rare and you are just that.

Best Regards,
Irina & Joshua