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March Fitness Member of the Month

Posted by: Joy McIntyre on Tuesday, March 1, 2016 at 12:00:00 am

rich-bohach-photoRich Bohach is a long time member of our JCC. Rich loves a challenge. Not only does he teach 5th grade, but he is a hands-on dad to Annalisa (8) and Jaxson (4). In addition, Rich loves fitness. He has participated in many obstacle races, including the Tough Mudder and ALL the Spartan races, including the “Beast”! He also ran the Runapalooza 1/2 marathon in Asbury Park.

Last year, Rich took on what may be his biggest challenge to date--- he selflessly donated part of his liver to his father in law, who suffers from liver cancer and hepatitis C. This gift of love put Rich on the sidelines for a bit-- no teaching, no running, no lifting weights. But he has recently returned to the JCC, and has been working hard to build back his strength. Let's welcome Rich back to our JCC family....


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