A Year in Review

Posted by: Ken Kaus on Wednesday, June 3, 2015 at 4:00:00 pm

Each year at the joint Annual Meeting of the JCC and the Jewish Federation, we recap events from the past 12 months.  This past year at the JCC has been a year filled with exciting changes for both the JCC and the community.

Here are some of the highlights from the meeting:

  • After 2 years of extraordinary service as the President of our Board, Ken Bernstein ended his term and Richard Skydell was introduced as our new President. We wish Richard and our entire Board much success. ken-bernstein-photo
  • Thank you Ken for all of your hard work during the last two years.
  • We welcome new board members, Michael Bloomstein, Howard Cohen, Mark Lederman, Natanya Levitz and Jack Levinston(teen board member).
  • Thank you to our staff for their years of service as they reach special milestones:
    • Jackye Feagan - 10 years
    • Ken Kaus - 10 years
    • Shari Pollak - 10 years
    • Andrea Berkow - 5 years
    • Laura Brathwaite - 5 years
    • Jay Kellogg - 5 years
    • Caryn Kenin - 5 years

Here are some highlights from the past year at the JCC:

  • 4,000: Individual Members who call our JCC their “home away from home”
  • 575: Swim Club Familys
  • 5,000: Slices of Pizza served at Camp Ruachpizza-photo
  • 586: Campers at Camp Ruach
  • 58: Fruit and Vegetable Plants in the JCC Community Garden
  • 14: Babies born to our Blaustein Early Childhood Center Families
  • 218: Family members who “Kvelled” at the JCC Dance School Recital
  • 2 Shlichim & 24 Gesher Teens: Visited our JCC from Israel
  • 16: Jewish Holidays observed
  • 52: J-Crew After School Kids
  • 63: Kids on a JCC “Spring Adventure”
  • 200: Celebrate Israel attendees
  • 575: Weekly Group Fitness participants
  • 755: Fitness Warriors in the Fitness Center weekly
  • 4,000: Personal Training Sessions scheduled
  • 52,000: Miles swam collectively during the Tide Fall/Winter Season...
    equivalent to 9 round trips from New Jersey to California!
  • 5,464: Races swam by the Bridgewater Tide athletes during the Fall/Winter Short Course Season
  • 65: Men’s Basketball League Players
  • 100: Private & Semi-Private Swim Lesson provided each week
  • 125: Weekly Group Swim Lessons taught
  • 400: Lap Swimmers who use our pools each week

Countless...:Number of Friendships made at the J! Millions of “THANK YOU’s” for Supporting our J!

Download the full annual report.


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