What you should consider when your looking for a camp?

Posted by: Stacey Herman on Thursday, March 20, 2014 at 10:00:00 am



Searching for a summer camp for your child can be a challenging and daunting task for parents.  There are so many options to choose from day camp, overnight camp, sports camps, science camps and the list of types goes on and on.  But there are other things to consider as well such as cost, setting and location.  With that in mind, we hope to making choosing your summer camp a little easier with this handy check list.


  1. What type of camp are you looking for?
    Are you interested in a traditional camp where an array of activities are offered?  Or a specialty camp where your child gets expertise training for a skill?camp-kids-image

  2. Special Accommodations.
    Does your child have any dietary needs?  Special needs where they need a shadow or physical accommodations?

  3. Tuition.  
    What is your budget?  What is the cost of the camp? What is included in the cost- busing, lunch and snacks?  Does the camp offer and financial assistance?

  4. Staff 
    What is the counselor/camper ratio? Do they do background checks?  Is there a nurse on staff?  How many hours of training does the staff receive?  What topics are involved in their training?

  5. Rainy days/Hot days.
    Camp is outdoors and getting hot and dirty is part of the experience.  But does the camp have alternative arrangements for a day its pouring rain? Or excessively hot?

  6. Proximity. 
    Do you want your child far from home or close to the neighborhood?

  7. Structured vs choice. 
    Some camps are very structured and every minute of the day is accounted for.  Others have electives where your child can choose their activities.

  8. Setting.
    There are camps that run exclusively outdoors.  There are camps where the sessions have indoor sessions.  What kind of environment does your child thrive in?

  9. Early Care and Late Stay.
    Is there an early and late camp program? What activities do the campers do? Are there snacks offered? Is this an extra tuition?

  10. Swim Program.
    Does the camp give swim lessons? Do they use trained instructors?  How many campers are in a group and how many instructors? 

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