Potholes: A Love Story

Posted by: Ken Kaus on Wednesday, February 19, 2014 at 10:00:00 am

Let's face it, after Thanksgiving and the New Year's holidays, there is only one thing to look forward to besides spring.  And that is pothole season.  Yes I said it, pothole season is a joyous time of year for so many reasons.

Here the top five reasons I love Pothole Season. pothole-slalom-image

1. It makes me feel alive.

I'm never going to get to space and experience what it's like to navigate an asteroid field.  When I get into my car and start driving during pothole season I like to imagine that I'm dodging rocks that could blast me into oblivion should I make the wrong move.  The intensity of being super alert is an adrenalin rush akin to sky diving.

2. Inspecting Potholes is like going on a treasure hunt.

Potholes come in all shapes and sizes.  Taking a close look, you can see many interesting things buried long ago.  Re-bar reinforcing the road surface, concrete that may be decades old and a window on the past.  Perhaps maybe even some car parts shaken loose from a vehicle.  If you're really lucky(or not), you find a giant crater that has swallowed an entire car.

3. New Jersey Drivers are not unpredictable enough as is

Living and driving in New Jersey is always an adventure.  Between the Left Lane Friends driving 10 miles under the speed limit to those who realize they are about to miss their exit so they cross 3 lanes of traffic and the lack of understanding how to yield, New Jersey has some amazing drivers.  So why not throw in the quick jerky swerve from the person in the lane next to you just to keep you on you toes.

4. Lane Closures at peak travel times.

I don't want to rag on the highway workers.  They are out there doing there job to keep the roads safe and I appreciate them putting their lives on the line with all the wonderful NJ drivers whizzing past as they work.  For me though, I love when the people who make the decisions, decide to do major repair work during peak hours.  I know there are times when a pothole the size of a VW Beetle appears as if from now where and emergency work needs to be done.  So let's raise a drink to the powers that be who choose to regrade 3 lanes of a 4 lane highway at 8am on a Monday morning.

5. People don't complain enough already.

It's too hot.  It's too cold. Can you believe the attitude? Will it ever stop snowing? I can't believe how hard it's raining.  Why do they need to do road work when people are driving?

How do you feel about potholes?  Urban menace or misunderstood roadway treasure?  Comment below. 


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