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Posted by: Ken Kaus on Saturday, November 23, 2013 at 1:00:00 pm

As with all holidays, Chanukah is filled with memories and traditions.  Some funny.  Some Absurd.  And some poigant. Here are 8 Chunukah memories I found around the JCC.
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1. With 3 children and 1 Menorah, my sisters and I needed to make sure that at the end of the 8 nights we all lit the same number of candles.  It must be fair! So my older, very smart, sister, added up the number of candles we light for the 8 nights, (44 candles), divided by 3, (14 each) and that left one for Mom and one for Dad. - SH

2. Every Chanukah all the kids in the family got Chanukah gelt from my Zayda; $10 in $1 silver coins (real silver) - DG

3. My Chanukah memory is the smells in the house around that time. Especially the  smell of the Potato Latkes frying.  Also, the mess of the shredding potatoes all over the kitchen floor!  All well worth it.. Delicious! - CE

4. Each night we each chose a candle color and bet which one would last the longest. - PM

5. We had a tradition growing up where my Grandfather would give each of us 100 dollar bills.  We would have to stand on line from oldest to youngest and each tell a piece of the Chanukah story.  As we got older it got sillier because our boyfriends/girlfriends would try to sneak in line…I remember my other grandfather walking on his knees to pretend he was one of the kids.  Definitely a good holiday tradition/memory. -LH

6. My best memory comes from when I had children.  When Chanukah came my son would ask me to visit his school and make latkes. -LL

7. Each night of Chanukah, our parents would bring out a velure bag filled with toys. Then each kid would take turns choosing 1 toy from the bag. Your present was literally luck of the draw. - AW


I'm going to end this post with my favorite Chanukah Memory. 

8. I did not grow up Jewish, so I never celebrated Chanukah.  Last year, I was invited to my first Family Chanukah Celebration at my friend's house. The smell of the foods(and oil) wafting through the air. It was quite the fun and festive evening. Made more so because of the group of friends with whom I was with.


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