Women's Way to Wellness

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With only so many busy hours in the day, caring for ourselves is usually the first thing we neglect. However, it should be the first thing on our daily to-do list. Follow these tips to help you stay well in your busy lifestyle.

Practice Time Management

Exercise control over time spent on daily tasks to increase productivity. Use a planner, a household calendar or even the calendar on your cell phone.

Stress Less

Stress creates added tension to our bodies. Try to identify your stressors and create a game plan on how to reduce it. Try journaling, going for a walk or taking a bath.


It’s about prevention and keeping yourself healthy. Perform monthly self exams and schedule your annual check-ups. Take time to make yourself a priority and keep yourself healthy.

Exercise More

Physical activity can lower the risk of heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure. Find creative ways to add physical activity into your daily life: park far, bike to work or take the stairs.

Eat Fruit & Vegetables

A healthy diet provides energy, maintains your weight and keeps you feeling your best. Aim to eat five servings or more of fruits and vegetables every day.

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