Artist of the Month - Claire Gentile

Posted by: Ken Kaus on Friday, October 4, 2013 at 1:00:00 pm

Each month, the JCC is proud to display the work of a local artist in our main hallway.  This month, we want you to meet Artist is Claire Gentile. claire-gentile-image

My name is Claire Gentile and I am a lifelong resident of Bridgewater.

Photography has been my passion for over 30 years. I found my love for photography after receiving my first film camera as a birthday gift. Since then I have focused on capturing the natural beauty of the world.

I have been continuously evolving as a photographer with an ever-changing vision to view the world differently every time I look through my camera lens. This journey has led me to some very beautiful places in the US and abroad and to appreciate the landscape and architecture as the magical glow of twilight brings the world to life. Also, in the process, I have learned various techniques; discovered my style as a photographer, and recognized that I have “miles to go” in this journey. 

I gravitate towards capturing evening light, sunsets and sunrises where amazing colors are changing by the minute. To capture a moment in time is a gift that will serve as a cherished memory since light conditions, weather and events will likely never be duplicated. Many of my photography adventures include shooting from, on, or at beautifully designed bridges. I see bridges as more than a just a passageway. They are majestic structures of brilliant engineering, connectivity, a promise to reach a new land and perhaps represent a chance to cross troubled waters in our personal life. Whenever I travel for vacation or business I always make time to find skylines and bridges in the area to capture the beauty and character of the city.

Images are available for purchase. Email contact:

If you are interesting in having your art displayed at the JCC, please contact Lisa at or call 908-725-6994 x206.

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