Preva Fitness App arrives at the JCC

Posted by: Joy McIntyre on Tuesday, September 17, 2013 at 11:00:00 am

Preva at the JCC

Back in March, our Fitness Center received a face lift. Walls were painted, new mat flooring was installed, and the Next Generation of Precor Cardio Equipment was moved in!clientuploads/Fitness/preva.jpg

Our members are experiencing the great enhancements Precor has created in their new line, and also Internet Capability.  A member working out has the luxury of watching the news, movies, or educational program to make them more fit – the exerciser can now download their routines and stats for a given workout to their smart phone via PREVA.

What is PREVA?

Preva Mobile App for iPhone allows fitness enthusiasts to set goals, track their progress and earn fun badges for their hard work.  In other words, the PREVIA Mobile allows users to track other activities such as cycling, strength training, running, and more outside of the gym - via the Cloud.  Preva Mobile allows users to create a comprehensive log of activities to stay on top of their goals and keep them motivated. It offers rewards in the form of badges at intervals throughout the process -- sometimes when the user expects it upon achieving a stated goal --and other times as a surprise, to keep the user motivated and excited to keep going.

With this App, exercisers can log activities for points, set goals, achieve badge rewards, and monitor their overall progress on a daily, weekly or lifetime basis. Setting goals are easy. Preva has four categories the user can chose from: Lose Weight, Be Fit, Get Toned or Push Performance. 

  1. So How Do I Start to retain my Workout Information and Statistics?preva-token-image
  2. Visit our JCC Fitness Center and try out our new cardio equipment.
  3. Create an account using your email and create a password in order so that your workouts and goals are saved.
  4. Download the FREE Preva App to your Smart Phone via the App Store.*
  5. Create a login for your Preva App using the same login info used on the JCC cardio equipment.
  6. Browse through the many options the Preva App has to offer. Among them are…Get Focused, Get Active, Get Connected and Get Recognized.
  7. Get Focused: Set weekly Fitness Goals. Preva tracks your progress as duration, distance or calories.
  8. Get Active:  Stays on track and captures all of your other fitness activities on the go. Every work out counts!
  9. Get Connected:  Preva Mobile workouts count toward your weekly goal and can be viewed on Precor Fitness Equipment.
  10. Get Recognized:  Preva acknowledges your hard work with badges, points and bonuses.
  11. Lastly, be one of the first to purchase a PREVA Token at the Reception Desk in the main office for $7. This token allows speedy login to your PREVA Account!

Tokens are now available at the reception desk.

Bottom line….Set Workout Goals, Track Your Progress and Celebrate YOUR Success!

As always, if you have any questions or need guidance to get your Preva account up and running….feel free to contact me (908-725-6994 x226; ) or Jay Kellogg, Assistant Fitness Supervisor (x260;

Thank you.

Joy McIntyre
JCC Fitness Director


*the Preva App is currently only avaliable for the iPhone 3GS and newer. 


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