Ninety Days of Hard Work, Dedication, and lots of Sweat…

Posted by: Joy McIntyre on Thursday, July 25, 2013 at 12:00:00 pm


On Wednesday April 3, eight JCC Members made a decision to change their lives. To work harder, to eat cleaner, and to become “Fitness Warriors”. On Monday, July 1,  90 days later, all their 


hard work and perseverance paid off.

The “Players”: Grinder, Hashbrown, GSDBondGirl, Brooklyn, Summer Ima Reddy, ZAI201, Debbie, and Getting’ It Done.

The Coaches: Jay Kellogg, Joy McIntyre, Loli Schissler, Maureen Suplee and Maddie Zwiebel 

The Plan: Participants strictly followed a 90 day workout plan which included small group personal training and Group Fitness Classes.  In addition, a nutritional component was also followed.

The Results: Awesome! 

  • Grinder, who was essentially new to fitness, lost a total of 28 lbs and decreased his total body fat by 5%.  He also lost 14.6 total body inches! Grinder is determined to continue on this new fitness lifestyle and reach his ultimate fitness goal. Well Done Grinder!  
  • Hashbrown, who was a veteran of P90X and Insanity (a more intense version of P90X) was no stranger to hard work and high endurance fitness. Back in September of 2010, Hashbrown started at 163lbs and 24% Body Fat. After completing two rounds of P90X and one round of Insanity, Hashbrown finished in July 2011  at 145 lbs and 15% Body Fat. In April 2013, working with our Certified P90X Staff, Hashbrown weighed in at 151 lbs and 16% body fat. At the conclusion, Hashbrown dropped to 145 lbs and 15% body fat. However , his “Before” and “After” photos demonstrate how Hashbrown changed his body composition. He became leaner and meaner! Congratulations Hashbrown! brooklyn-image
  • GSDBondGirl: At the end of 90 days, GSDBondGirl lifted more weight with every session and kept her level of determination higher than any other P90Xer! Once she got over the fear of adding weight to her lifting moves….no one could stop her! Weighing in at 125.8lbs and 29.4% Body Fat, GSDBondGirl dropped to 118.2lbs and 25% Body fat. That’s a loss of 7.6 lbs and 4% Body Fat. GSDBondGirl also lost a total of 11.5 total body inches. Way-To-Go GSDBondGirl!

  • Brooklyn: From the very start of the program, Brooklyn pushed to meet her fitness goals. She was extremely focused in the small group trainings, and she improved in the execution of all exercises performed! Always posting photos on Facebook of her family and herself truly motivated all other P90Xers. Brooklyn lost a total of 14.5lbs and 9% Body Fat. Brilliant Brooklyn! Before: 161lbs, 34.9% body fat. After: 146.6lbs, 25.8% body fat. Keep up the great work!

  • Summer Ima Reddy took all of the instructors by surprise. This lady is tough!  In the beginning of the program, Summer tried the hardest in everything she attempted. However, some of the fitness routines were very demanding. In a few weeks, Summer made great gains in the weights she lifted, and her cardiovascular endurance increased tenfold! So focused and so determined!  Weighing in at 204lbs and 46.3 % Body Fat, Summer dropped to 198 lbs and 39% Body Fat. She lost a total of 7 lbs and 7% Body Fat. But more importantly, her “before” and “after” pictures show how her loss in body fat and gain in muscle have re-shaped her body! Awesome Job Summer!

  • ZAI201: This Lady had the most composition changes in her body! The “before” and “after” photos demonstrate this. Weighing in at 192.4lbs and 43.1% Body Fat, ZAI201 dropped 7.4 lbs and 3% Body Fat, with a final weight of 185lbs and 40.5% Body Fat. She lost a total of 7 body inches – two inches in her waist alone!!!  Great Job ZAI201!brooklyn-image
  • Debbie chose her name because she was doubtful – a.k.a Doubting Debbie---but she proved her name wrong!!!  From the very beginning Debbie showed great strength and power in lifting weights and maintaining a high level of intensity during all small group trainings. Not only is Debbie on her way to achieving her fitness dreams, but she has increased ALL her weights during Pump Class. Her intensity and stamina she brings to every Combat class is amazing. Her “before” and “after” pictures do not do Debbie justice! Weighing in at 171 lbs and 29.5% Body Fat, Debbie dropped seven pounds and many inches lighter weighing in at 168lbs!  Debbie is most certainly on her way!!! Awesome, Debbie, just Awesome!

  • Gettin’ It Done weighed in at 135lbs and 29% Body Fat.  Although Gettin’ took vacation during the last week of the program, she did weigh herself before she left, and she lost a total of 5lbs. She also took her body measurements and reported   “I LOST 1 ½ " in my chest, LOST 3" in my hips, LOST 3" in my waist, LOST 1" in each thigh, and GAINED 1" in each bicep. .....and yes I am happy! “ Gettin’ weighed herself upon return at 130 lbs. Way to Go – Getting’ It Done….you sure are Getting it Done!

Ninety Days of Hard Work, Dedication and Lots of Sweat – does pay off. All of our P90Xers  are extremely happy with their success.

Moral of the Story: If you want to change your lifestyle to a healthier one… enhancing your family life and career life….feeling good about yourself….try P90X. It gives education, guidance, motivation and camaraderie. Take a Challenge…and make the Change!   

The new session of P90X begins in September 8.



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