Getting Started with the new Equipment

Posted by: Ken Kaus on Monday, April 8, 2013 at 11:00:00 am

Have you checked out the new cardio equipment in our Fitness Center yet?  With touch screens and lots of functions, they can be a little intimidating, so this post will highlight some of the features to get you started.

Using the View Channels and View Buttons

There are three primary screen views that make certain information visible during your workout. You can change the look and information provided on the screen by at anytime using the Views button.

  • Workout View – Shows panels, icon bar, and the status bar. This view allows you to focus fully on your workout.
  • Status View – Shows only the status bar and icon bar, leaving the center of the console for media viewing.
  • Media View – Shows only media and the Views and Channel buttons. This view allows you to focus on

 Note: The name of the Channels button changes depending on the media you are using. For example, if you are watching a workout guide, the name of the button will be Videos.

  •  Preva Net Featured View – Shows the Internet content and provides full Internet browser access.

Connecting and Using Your iPod

You can listen to your favorite music and control your iPod directly from the console.

To connect your iPod:

  1. Insert the iPod into the connector at the top of the console and place your iPod securely in the pocket provided.
    The media panel displays the words Now Playing iPod along with the name of the song currently playing.treadmill-ipod-connector
  2. Plug your headphones into the console.
    Note: Be sure that the headphones are plugged into the console and not the iPod. If they are plugged into the iPod, you will not be able to adjust the volume using the console keys.
  3. To pause, touch the pause button.
  4. To hear a different song, touch the track buttons.
  5. Using the Preva Net Icon

WARNING For Treadmills: Do not use typing or web surfing features while walking at speeds that exceed a slow and relaxed leisurely pace. Always stabilize yourself by holding a stationary handle bar while using typing or web surfing features. For AMT and EFX: Always stabilize yourself by holding a stationary handle bar while using typing or web surfing features.

To open Preva Net:previa-net-icon

  1. On the Welcome screen, touch Workouts or QuickStart™ to begin a workout. Once your workout begins, the Preva Net icon appears at the bottom of your screen.
  2. Touch the Preva Net icon.
  3. On the Preva Net panel, select one of the following options:
  • Featured - displays feeds of specific interest during a workout
  • All - displays a larger selection of feeds
  • Web - opens a browser window
  • Off - turns off the Preva Net feature

 Download the full manual.


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