Outdoor Pool Converting to Salt

Posted by: Stephanie Johnson on Tuesday, March 5, 2013 at 7:00:00 am

Four years ago, the JCC was the first commercial pool in Somerset County and one of the first JCCs in the United States to make the switch from chlorine to salt. pool-salt We are pleased to have made the move to a more environmentally friendly system.  It has been very well received by our members.

As any of our swimmers know, the difference has been astounding. There are no more red itchy eyes, no more skin irritations, no more breathing issues. Just a comfortable, safe, and environmentally friendly swimming experience. Many members who have chlorine allergies and have been unable to swim in an indoor pool have been able to swim in our indoor pool after many years out of the water. It is different…it almost tastes and smells like the ocean! But once you get over the initial feeling and start swimming in the salt water, you feel so much better than you did in a chlorine system.

The JCC Aquatics Department is thrilled to announce that a salt system for the main dome/outdoor pool has been ordered and will be delivered sometime in early Spring. This will allow us to enjoy all of the same benefits as you have been experiencing in the indoor pool. [Please note, that the small round kiddy pools operate on a separate system and will not be converted to salt.] This new system will also be completely automated like in the indoor pool, so there will be no spikes in chemical readings. Our pool will be sparkling clean and beautiful 24/7, 365 days a year.

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