Top Ten Reasons to Send your Child to Camp Ruach

Posted by: Stacey Herman on Saturday, January 26, 2013 at 10:00:00 am

Top Ten Reasons to Send your Child to Camp Ruach

10.  Make a whole new group of friends.  There is nothing like your camp friends.  You play all day, every day together.  You don’t have to be quiet and listen to the teacher and do homework.  Every day is fun.

kids-spell-jcc9.  You can act silly all day.  We co-directors are old ladies, but we still spend every summer in camp and laugh more in 8 weeks than the rest of the year.

8. Independence.  Where else can you make your own choices all day without your mom’s opinion.

7. Try new activities.  Let your child try soccer, baseball, cooking, art, karate, gymnastics and swimming. Without any carpooling.

6. Safe risk taking. Zip down a zip line.  Shoot an arrow at a target.  Participate in a talent show.  Do this all with your friends and counselors cheering you on.

5. Gaga.  Loved dodgeball as a kid?  This is safe dodgeball in a pit.  Most fun ever!

4. Day Trips.  When you are older, get on a bus and go on trips with your amazing camp friends you have made over the years.  Awesome!!

3. Grow up in a great place.  Start camp at 2 years old, end up as a counselor.  Make lifelong friends.

2. You always know where your kids are in the summer.  No need to make playdates, hear anyone whine that they are bored.  Built in fun every day.

1. Rita’s ices.  Every Friday.  Indulge.

Stacey and Lauren
Co Camp Directors


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