Top 5 Things to Remember as Camp Starts.

Posted by: Ken Kaus on Friday, June 22, 2012 at 12:00:00 am


Camp starts Monday and I know everyone will be packing their backpacks in the next 48 hours.  Here are our top 5 things to remember for the first day of camp. Ropes Courses Smiles


  1. Sunscreen ­­ - campers spend the majority of their time outdoors in the sun. Make sure sunscreen is applied at home before they leave for camp.  Put a bottle of sunscreen in your child’s backpack so it can be reapplied during the day. I suggest putting the bottle in a ziplock bag before putting it in the backpack. I know from experience, you don’t want to have to clean that stuff off of everything in the backpack
  2. Water – while there are water fountains and water coolers all around camp, we suggest giving your child a water bottle that they can carry with them.  Many parents freeze the bottles overnight so that the water stays cold throughout the day. If you take the bottle out of the freezer at breakfast, it melts enough to start drinking by the time camp starts.
  3. Buses – Just like school, you have your bus schedule. The first few days of camp, please remember a variety of things may happen just as they do the first day of school that can cause a bus to be late.  Please be at your bus stop 10 minutes early and don’t worry if the bus is a few minutes late.
  4. Dress the part – One of the best things about camp is swimming.  Over the years, our experience tells us it is best to send your child to camp in their swim suit with a change of clothes including an extra bathing suit.   If you read the “daily schedule” on our website, you’ll see that everyone in camp swims in the morning. One last thing on this topic, when you pack a change of clothes, don’t forget the underwear.
  5. Label Everything – Let’s face it, kids are kids and they forget things, drop things and share things. Each year, our camp lost and found overflows with these stray items. Most lost never to be found again. Help us make sure all the towels, socks, swim goggles, water bottle, sneakers (how kids go home with just one boggles me) etc. find their way back home each day. Label everything your child takes to camp, even if it just has your last name.


So that’s our top five list of things to remember at the start of camp.  Did we miss anything?  Share your tips and comment on our story.



Hey Guys it is your Sports Specialist Mike here looking foward to starting a new summer at camp
Posted by: Mike on June 25, 2012 at 5:58:00 am

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