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Posted by: Ken Kaus on Tuesday, March 27, 2012 at 7:00:00 am

88 days until camp!  Yes you read that correctly. Camp is only 3 months away and I for one canít wait. This past weekend, spring was definitely in the air.  The smell of flowers, the sound of kids laughing outside and the roar of the first lawn mower of the season all brought testament to the upcoming summer.

While I did get outside a little, I have to admit I spent most of the weekend indoors. Summer was front and center on my mind though, as I took time to look at pictures from camp last summer. My thoughts drifted to all the fun that I have had here at Camp Ruach the last 6 summers, the fun Iíve had, the memories Iíve made and the happy smiling faces all around. I canít wait for this summer!

Each summer brings new adventures for all of us. Some of us know where we will be going, be it a vacation destination, camp or even a day trip. Others are happy Spirit Cruise 2011to ride the wind and see where it takes us. The rest of this blog, I want to give some direction to your summer and share some of the trips you and your child can expect at camp this summer.

Letís start with Road Rulz. If you are not familiar with it, Road Rulz is our teen travel camp for kids 7-9th grade.  They travel somewhere different every day for the 8 weeks of camp. Included in their summer are two weeklong trips.  Boston and Myrtle Beach are this yearís highlight destinations. I for one am hoping they need an extra chaperone for Myrtle(all I ask in return is one morning on a golf course). I wouldnít say no to a trip to Boston either.(Iím a big fan of American History) While in Boston, our group has a trip well planned by Assistant Camp Director Lauren Paniccia and Unit Head Jenn Deitrich.  From the Prudential Center, to a Harbor Cruise and even a side trip to Salem, this week has something everyone will enjoy.

Some of the other adventures that Road Rulz will enjoy this summer include seeing Cirque du Soleil Ė Zarkana and Amusement Parks in NJ and PA. There is so much to talk about with this group itís incredible. I need to move on though, because I havenít talked about Tzahov, our 4-6th grade camp, yet.

The Tzahov campers get the best of both worlds. They get to spend most of their days in camp participating in electives (see our previous blog) and twice a week they go out on trips. This year, some of their trips include Casino Pier, an amusement pier located in Seaside Heights, an overnight trip to NJY Camp and even a Spirit Cruise of New York Harbor.

Complete calendars with all the trips and themes for this summer will be posted on our website in April, so keep checking back.

Is everyone starting to feel that summer sun yet? Are you excited? I am. This summer promises to be one of the best ever at Camp Ruach.


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