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Private and Semi-private Lessons

We have updated our booking procedure for Private & Semi-private Lessons.  Please read them here.

Learn to Swim Private and Semi Private Instruction

Learn to Swim private (1 on 1) and semi private (groups of 2-3 students) instruction is available through the Aquatics Department. Lessons help to promote and reinforce basic swimming concepts. 30-minute sessions are tailored to the student’s needs. Limited lessons are available and are contingent on instructor availability and pool space. 

Lessons are available during the following days and times:

Day Time
 Monday 1:00-9:00pm




Thursday 1:00-9:00pm
Friday not available
Saturday 1:00-9:00pm
Sundays 1:00-9:00pm

Private and Semi-private Fee Structure:

Lesson Type Member/swim Club Member Fee
(per Student)
Non-member Fee
(per Student)
Private Lesson(30 min) $35 $40
Private Lesson(45min) $50 $55
Semi-private Lesson(30 min) $20 $20
Semi-private Lesson(45 min) $30 $30