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Pool and Locker Room Policies

Pool Rules  •  Locker Room

Pool Rules and Regulations:


For everyone’s health and safety, and in order to maintain the cleanliness of the pools and deck areas, please remember the following when entering the Aquatics facility:

  1. Any person showing evidence of skin disease, sore or inflamed eyes, cold, nasal or ear discharges or any communicable disease shall be refused admission.
  2. Persons with excessive sunburn, open blisters cuts or bandages shall be refused admission.
  3. No dogs, except Seeing Eye dogs or other animals shall be allowed in the pool, spa area, dressing rooms, or other parts of the enclosure.
  4. No food or drink permitted in the pool area. This includes gum chewing.
  5. All persons shall shower before entering the water.
  6. Expectoration, roughness, rowdiness or other conduct affecting the safety 
    and comfort of others shall not be permitted.
  7. Indoor bathing shall be prohibited during an electrical storm. The pool will reopen 30 minutes after the storm.
  8. Persons suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol shall be prohibited from entering the water.
  9. No smoking is permitted in the pool area.
  10. Swimmers must obey the lifeguards’ instructions.
  11. No diving is permitted unless under direct supervision.
  12. Children who are not toilet trained must wear swim diapers under their bathing suit. Disposable diapers are not allowed in the pool
  13. Adult supervision is required in the water for all non-swimmers.
  14. Toys and floating devices permitted at the discretion of the Aquatic staff to ensure a safe environment. Equipment for general member use (bubbles, barbells, kickboards, noodles) is located outside of the Aquatics office.
  15. Running in the pool area is prohibited.
  16. Lap lanes are for lap swimming only.
  17. Children AGE 10 OR OLDER are welcome to use lanes for swimming, provided they can keep the pace of the lane and are swimming laps.
  18. Proper swim attire is required.
  19. All hair shoulder length or longer must be tied back or a swim cap must be worn.
  20. The JCC is not responsible for the lost or theft of any personal belongings.
  21. During fire alarms all persons must exit the building, no one is allowed back into locker rooms.

JCC Locker Room Policy

  • Children up to 3 years of age are allowed in the main locker room with either parent.
  • Children 3-13 years of age are allowed in the main locker rooms under the supervision of the same sex parent.
  • Children ages 3-13 unaccompanied by a parent, and children on teams and under the age of 18, should use the auxiliary locker rooms.
  • The Family Changing Room on the pool deck is available for parents who wish to change with their children.
  • Valuables: 

The JCC is not responsible for lost or stolen articles in the Locker Rooms, Fitness Center, Gym, Pool, etc.  Use the “Valuable Lockers” right outside the Fitness Center Door to ensure the safety of small personal items. For Larger personal items, please bring a ‘lock’ to secure your belonging in Locker Rooms. Locks must be removed after each use to allow other members to use the lockers, except for Patrons and Benefactors with “ Reserved” Lockers.