Upcoming Events

Senior Lunch and Entertainment


Wednesday, September 3:

Let Freedom Ring/Coretta Scott King Actress/Singer Carmen Artis brings the historic legacy of Coretta Scott King to life. She chronicles the struggle for Civil Rights, Voting Rights, the War Against Poverty and more through stories and
song. From her humble beginnings and partnership with Martin Luther King Jr. to her world-wide recognition as a leader and speaker, this living biography will fascinate, inform and entertain all!

September 17:

Dave Beasley, "Bop with the Beas"
Dave brings the ‘50s and ‘60s alive with his amazing voice that sounds like the Pop Idols of the early rock 'n roll era!


Wednesday, October 1:

Remembering Spencer Tracy
Greg Moran brings stories, anecdotes, biographical information, film clips and fun facts to pay tribute to one of America's most famous and beloved Oscar-winning actors. As a child, Greg Moran heard many times, "your grandfather looks just like Spencer Tracy".  This comment triggered Greg's fascination with Tracy's life and movie career. Greg delights in bringing the audience back to the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Wednesday, October 15:

Entertainer Richard Anzvino
Richard combines favorite pop tunes of years gone by with original musical soundtrack recordings. He has a lovely voice, a great sense of humor and the gift of storytelling. He will sing the favorites of Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Tom Jones, Elvis, Engelbert Humperdinck and more.

Wednesday, October 29:

Female Spies!
Belle Boyd, Mata Hari, Julia Child, Valerie Plame. These courageous women aided governments as experts in espionage. Many say some women are born with the special qualities needed to be a successful spy. Judge for yourself as you listen to the escapades of some of history's most memorable female spies. Performed by Mary Ryzuk and Sharon Moran.


Wednesday, November 19: Karickter

Karickter is a Jazz Duo featuring a female vocalist and guitarist. They play an extensive range of musical styles, including classic jazz standards, swing, bossa nova, 60s hits; Motown, smooth jazz, R&B and soulful contemporary songs.