The Irma Horowitz Film Series

Falafel & Films


Falafel and Short Israeli Films Presented by the Ma’Aleh School of Television and the Arts in Jerusalem

  • Thursday, November 17 6:30 pm
  • Fee: $12/person advance, $15/event day (includes falafel dinner)

A Little Bit Different

Chava, an ultra-orthodox young woman, called off her engagement a year ago. Now a new match has been suggested for her. The introduction is made, but Chava experiences a sharp disappointment. Can she put aside her prejudices to give love a chance to grow?

Full Of Life

Twelve-year-old Roni is sent by her mother to a weight-loss summer camp for fat children - the “Full of Life” camp. Roni, who is angry and rebellious, would normally find solace in the swimming pool, but the camp shares its pool with a professional children’s swim team, and Roni is ashamed to get in the water. Here Roni meets the team champion Yotam, who hates swimming but has no choice but to compete. A gentle bond is formed between the children which gives Roni the confidence to come to terms with her weight.

Without Sugar

On the eve of his bar mitzvah while busying himself with last-minute errands and fitting in a final practice of his Torah reading, Daniel goes out on his bike and is attacked by another child. When Daniel returns home it seems as if his father, who is blind, cannot perceive his distress, but this is not so. Daniel learns from his father that observation is a matter of the heart and not just of the eyes.


This program is supported by the Irma Horowitz Endowment Fund.