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The Irma Horowitz Film Series

Falafel & Films

Thursday, October 23 | 6:30pmregister-button

Irma Horowitz Film Series Featuring Falafel & Films Israeli short films presented by Ma’aleh School of Television Film and the Arts in Jerusalem. Enjoy falafel while watching four subtitled films. A short discussion about each film follows.

$12/person in advance or $15/person at the door

sister-of-mine-imageSister of Mine

Like all young ultra-orthodox girls, Ruchi, the favorite daughter of a Jerusalem family, dreams of becoming a wife and mother. But the young man who has been chosen for her is not in any sense her equal. Ruchi's younger sister, who has Down's syndrome, asks searching and uncomfortable questions about the match, underlining for Ruchi the extreme limitations on her freedom.

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The renovations of a 100-year-old Jerusalem synagogue on the occasion of its upcoming centennial celebrations ignite a conflict over old and new, identity and obliteration of memory, the living and the dead.

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Persian Lullaby

Dafna, the 40-year old single mother of a newborn boy, arrives at her parents’ home a few days before her baby’s brit (circumcision). Her father, an elderly Persian Jew, repeatedly snubs Dafna, noting coldly that "a baby needs a father.” In the week leading up to the brit, past conflicts between Dafna and her father are revisited, and new tensions are heightened. Will Dafna's father agree to be the sandak (godfather) of his first grandson?

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Thursday, December 11 6:30pm

Jephtah’s Daughter

The year is 1984. A Jewish family is on its way by foot from Ethiopia to Sudan, from where they will board a plane for Israel. The father, whom the family’s life depends on, is seized by brigands. Things change when his eldest daughter comes across the place. The story is typical of what happened to hundreds of Ethiopians on their difficult journey to Israel, in the 1980’s, when they crossed the desert, in order to reach the Promised Land.


Yoni and Michal, who have been married for only a year, arrive at the Rabbinate to formalize their divorce. The two experience different emotions while waiting in line and the ceremony has an outcome which neither of them expects. The Jewish "get" ceremony, in which the man presents to the woman a bill of divorce, has been taking place behind closed doors for 2000 years, and this drama, thoroughly researched at the Jerusalem Rabbinate, will be the first time that many viewers will have the chance to witness it. " Willingly" raises questions about love and commitment, about the advantages and disadvantages of "get" as a ceremony, and about Israel's non-separation of religion and state. All Jewish divorcing couples, regardless of their religious orientation, must divorce with this ceremony in the State of Israel.

A Jerusalem Tale

Lazer and Baila Hirsch, an older orthodox couple who have emigrated to Israel from America, struggle with financial hardship and general misfortune. Lazer, a Bretzlav Hassid, finds that his capacity for simcha (joy) is put to the test. The couple prays for a miracle, but miracles come in unexpected guises…