The Irma Horowitz Film Series

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Havanna Curveball 

Sunday, October 25, 2015 | 10:00am

The two year journey of one boy’s desire to understand his family’s history while navigating the gap between youthful ideals and the complex messy reality of the adult world.

  • $12/person in advancehavana-curveball-image
  • $15/person day of event 

Price includes bagel breakfast. 

A Skype discussion and Q & A with the filmmaker will follow the screening.

From Award-winning filmmaking duo, Marcia Jarmel (“Return of Sarah’s Daughters”) and Ken Schneider (“Regret to Inform”) comes “Havana Curveball”. The documentary tells the story of Mica, a classic idealistic Jewish teen who at the age of 13, decides to take it upon himself to help make the world a better place the best way he knows how - through baseball. His plan for his Mitzvah project is to collect baseball gear and send them to Cuba, which is where Mica's grandfather received refuge after fleeing during WWII. What Mica sees as an opportunity to do good and return a favor in a small way, comes to a head with the harsh realities of the world that don’t always work hand in hand with idealism. 

This program is supported by the Irma Horowitz Endowment Fund.

Falafel and Short Israeli Films
Presented by the Ma’Aleh School of Television and the Arts in Jerusalem

Thursday, December 17, 2015 | 6:30pm

  • $12/person in advance
  • $15/person day of event

Price includes falafel dinner.

Rosenzweig Born to Dance (Documentary) born-to-dance-image

Avigdor Rosenzweig is a tap dancer. In 1939 his dancing saved his life. Today, he is 88 and lives in a retirement home.  When Avigdor dances on the parquet floor of his room, he laughs until he's out of breath, and with the last ounce of his strength he pushes his tired feet to do a few more steps. For Avigdor, dancing isn't a hobby and isn't therapy.  It's the way to survive.






Getting Serious  getting-serious-image

A Jerusalem romantic comedy about a young moderately orthodox man who pretends to be more religious than he is.  What happens when his girlfriend discovers the truth?





The Strength to Tell (Documentary) strength-to-tell-image

A film which follows a group of Jerusalem teenagers, victims of broken homes and shattered lives. Participating in  Martef, a therapeutic program for at risk teens, they interview surviving witnesses of the 1961 Eichmann trial and create a play based on their stories. The young actors and the aging Survivors develop bonds of empathy and understanding, connected by shared pain and loss.  The film is emotional and will be remembered long after viewing.





Falafel and Short Israeli Films Presented by the Ma’Aleh School of Television and the Arts in Jerusalem

Thursday, March 10, 2016 | 6:30 pm

  • $12/person in advance
  • $15/person day of event

Price includes falafel dinner.

Shira  shira-image

Shira, the mother of five children, lives in a religious community. Her husband's expectation is that she will continue to bring children into the world. Shira begins to collapse under the stress of her responsibilities.  She tries to take matters into her own hands.







A Story About Rain story-about-rain-image

In a world without rain, an artistic couple discovers that they have the power to create water. The man’s special powers challenge the couple’s relationship.






A Maise a-maise-image

The warm relationship between Mendel, an elderly Holocaust survivor, and his Filipino caretaker, Jose, is tested when Jose does not have a work permit and the police begin searching the neighborhood for illegal foreign workers.






Doda Diya (Documentary) doda-diya-image

“I’ve been living with my aunt (Doda) Diya for six months now, and she reminds me of that every time I complain I’m a penniless student!” Doda Diya, a widow who leads a simple life, had waited 40 years to fulfill her biggest dream; returning to Jerba, a tiny island off the south of Tunisia where she grew up, to celebrate a memorial event for a righteous woman along with hundreds of other Jews.